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Cabinet Accessories & Organizers

Cabinet Accessories & Organizers

If you’re looking to remodel or simply update your cabinets, we’re here to assist. Cabinets For Less offer a vast array of sizes and styles to perfectly match your bathroom, kitchen, or workshop. Whether you’re after a contemporary or traditional look, you’ll find a diverse range of cabinet designs with us. Additionally, we provide services for cabinet refinishing or refacing and can assist with the selection of knobs, pulls, sinks, and under-cabinet lighting.

In a cluttered kitchen, accidents become more common, from spills that can cause slips to challenges in keeping the area clean. Organizing your kitchen improves both its aesthetics and functionality, ensuring it is a safe, clean place for meal preparation.

When we design a kitchen for a client in St. Louis, MO, we focus on addressing existing issues by enhancing storage options, improving organization, and optimizing the layout for better space utilization.

Cabinet Accessories & Organizers

Options For New Cabinets

Explore our range of pull-out shelves for kitchen and pantry cabinets, featuring options like spice storage, drawer inserts, lazy Susan systems, pot and pan organizers, and much more.

Make everything within your cabinets more accessible by opting for slide-out shelves. Our slide-out shelves are designed to fit most kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets. You can choose from a wide array of roll-out trays, organizers for pans and lids, and many others.

When selecting slide-out shelves, consider two crucial factors: the construction of the shelf and its weight capacity. Drawer slides are rated in two ways: static and dynamic. The static rating refers to the weight the slide can hold when the drawer or shelf is closed, while the dynamic rating applies when it’s extended. We recommend shelves that can handle around 100 lbs.

With the right accessories, you can rest assured knowing everything will be better organized. Cabinets For Less focuses heavily on ensuring proper organization is achievable for customers around the St. Louis, MO area. With an organized kitchen, you’ll spend less time searching for seldom-used items and more time on cooking and enjoying moments with your loved ones.