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Classic Cabinet Restoration Company Servicing the St. Louis, MO Area

Classic Cabinet Restoration

Classic Cabinet Restoration Company Servicing the St. Louis, MO Area

Feeling fed up with your outdated kitchen cabinets? It might seem like you need a costly makeover. However, refreshing your old cabinets doesn’t have to break the bank. Often, when kitchen or bathroom cabinets begin to look worn, the first instinct is to replace them entirely. This involves removing the old cabinets and putting in new ones, which gives your space a totally new appearance. But there are more economical options available that can rejuvenate your cabinets without the hefty price tag of full replacement. Choose Cabinets For Less for cabinet restoration services.

Not only is cabinet restoration less expensive, it is the more environmentally friendly option. It involves enhancing what you already own rather than throwing it away. This method revitalizes old cabinets, keeping their original allure while updating them to meet current needs.

While replacing cabinets gives your space a completely new look, restoration preserves the unique history and craftsmanship of your existing cabinets, adding a modern twist. The decision to restore or replace can depend on your personal taste, budget, and how much you value sustainability and heritage.

Restoring your cabinets is about more than just keeping their old charm; it’s also about adding your personal style to them. This combination brings the best of modern design into your home while maintaining the nostalgic feel of vintage pieces. The charm of old cabinets is in their history, but there’s plenty of room to make them your own. In doing so, you don’t just keep the cabinets’ original spirit alive; you also add to their story, enhancing them with your own experiences and preferences.

Classic Cabinet Restoration Company Servicing the St. Louis, MO Area

Possible Challenges Faced in Restoration

Restoring your old cabinets can be rewarding, however, it does come with some challenges along the way. Frequent restoration challenges can include:

  • Warped or damaged wood is usually because of changing temperatures or humidity. You may also encounter cracks, chips, or even water damage.
  • Older cabinets often feature several layers of paint or finish.
  • The hardware on vintage cabinets may be tarnished or no longer work properly.
  • Difficulty trying to find ways to match the aesthetics of the original cabinets.

If your cabinets are made of wood, you have options to either refinish or reface them. Should you be unhappy with the current layout or style of your kitchen cabinets, resurfacing might be worth considering. When it comes to cost, refinishing usually proves to be the least expensive choice. Estimates suggest that refinishing cabinets typically costs around two-thirds the price of refacing, and refacing can cost nearly 100 percent of what you’d spend on completely new cabinets. Trust Cabinets For Less for your next cabinet restoration project.