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Explore various options to refinish, stain, and paint your cabinets in Edwardsville, IL, transforming your kitchen or bathroom with a modern, refreshed look.
Discover how our cabinet refacing services can elevate your kitchen, designed specifically for homeowners seeking an upgrade.
Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen cabinets with a stylish, modern twist without spending too much? At Cabinets For Less, we focus on cabinet refacing to provide an affordable solution. Our team is committed to meticulous workmanship to deliver impressive results.
We offer a diverse selection of high-quality materials, finishes, and designs that can be customized to meet your unique tastes in cabinet refacing.
If you aim to update or completely transform your kitchen’s look, our experts possess the necessary knowledge and abilities to realize your vision.
Residents of Edwardsville, IL can count on Cabinets For Less for top-tier cabinet services, including:

  • Restoration and Refinishing of Wood Surfaces
  • Revitalizing Bathroom Cabinets with Paint
  • Cabinet Refacing and Makeovers
  • Updating Kitchen Cabinets with New Finishes
  • Complimentary Color and Design Consultation

Refacing your cabinets is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice if your cabinet boxes are solid and meet your needs. Our focus is on replacing the doors and drawer fronts of cabinets, updating hardware, and either refinishing or reworking the cabinet frames to achieve a new appearance. Customize your renovation with a variety of finishes and designs to breathe new life into your kitchen.
Are you looking for an economical yet attractive way to update your cabinets? Contact Cabinets For Less now to discover the variety of services we offer in Edwardsville, IL!

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing Revitalize your cabinets affordably with our cutting-edge cabinet refinishing system. Our specialized painting techniques significantly enhance the look of your cabinets.

If the layout of your cabinets suits you but you crave a new aesthetic, our cabinet painting services might be the perfect solution. Our experienced team carefully prepares each surface, applying top-quality paint for a seamless finish that both beautifies and protects your cabinets. With an array of colors and finishes available, you can customize your cabinets to reflect your style and make them a highlight of your Edwardsville, IL home.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing Do your cabinets look old and worn out? Refacing is an economical option that improves their look without the cost and hassle of a full replacement. Consider refacing your cabinets in Edwardsville, IL if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Mismatched Hardware
  • Wanting to Choose A Different Color or Style
  • Scratched or Damaged Surfaces
  • Color Fading
  • Inefficient Layout
  • Outdated Appearance

Noticing these issues with your cabinets might be an indication that it’s time to explore the refacing services offered by Cabinets For Less. We address these common concerns in Edwardsville, IL, improving both the functionality and appearance of your cabinets.

Update Your Old Cabinets

Cabinets For Less, situated near Edwardsville, IL, is a family-owned business focused on cabinet refinishing and refacing. We specialize in rejuvenating kitchen and bathroom cabinets that may show signs of aging, discoloration, or just feel outdated, improving your home’s overall feel. Many houses come with standard cabinets installed by the builder that often lack a personal touch.

Your cabinets might be made of golden oak, which was popular years ago, or an old white-washed style that was trendy at one time. These finishes might have dulled or yellowed over the years.

Our team is skilled in updating these and other finishes by either refacing or refinishing them, transforming your cabinets into something modern and vibrant. This process doesn’t involve major demolition; it’s a way to upgrade even the simplest cabinets to something more appealing. Choosing to reface or refinish your cabinets is not only more cost-effective and straightforward than a complete overhaul but also more eco-friendly. We ensure that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets will look brand new, no matter which service you select.

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Exceptional Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing

In Edwardsville, IL, you have many options when it comes to cabinet refacing and refinishing. At Cabinets For Less, we excel in delivering high-quality products and skilled craftsmanship at affordable prices. We take pride in our work.

Our services in cabinet refacing and refinishing are first-rate, adhering to the strictest quality standards. Our prices are competitive, ensuring you receive durable, top-quality craftsmanship. Our reputation for reliability, timeliness, and trustworthiness is well-established.

Additionally, we offer cabinetry and storage solutions for various areas of your home, including:

  • Pantries
  • Home Offices
  • Basements
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Garages
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • And more

We’re excited to discuss your cabinetry needs and demonstrate our offerings. Feel free to explore all that we provide.

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