Cabinets For Less

Intro: My name is Stephanie Malench and I am here with Daryl Durrell. Daryl, introduce yourself.

“My name is Daryl Durrell, I am the owner of a company called Cabinets for Less. What we do is actually cabinet re-facing and painting. You can find us at and call us at (636)299-0720.”

What made you decide to start Cabinets For Less?

We started doing full remodels several years ago. Then we started working with some investors, and kind of started focusing on kitchens. One of the things we found was with investors, they want to do things quickly to get a new tenant in. One of the things that we frequently ran into was the tenant may have cabinets that through no fault of their own are damaged or dirty or something like that. We found it difficult to solve that problem. I eventually sourced a couple of manufacturers here in the US to help us alleviate that situation. We also did for an investor what’s called a fix and flip, where they buy a house, fix it up, and then just resell it. We did the refacing component in that one as well and it went really well. Everyone loved it and eventually an idea clicked in my head that we can do this quicker and more affordable from most of what I’ve seen in the market in the St. Louis area. That was when we decided we would take this bigger and offer it to homeowners as well.”

Where are you located and what made you select that city?

I don’t have a physical location, I work out of my home. I work with the whole metropolitan area, St. Louis and surrounding counties, west, north, east, south and bring my samples to the homeowner. So, for example, if you were to contact us, I would bring my samples, see what would look well in your kitchen, and take measurements if you wanted to move forward. When we come back out to actually do the job, the doors are pretty much ready to go, so that’s one of the reasons why we can do it quickly. It usually takes us one, maybe two days to be able to turn the kitchen around. We don’t have to empty the kitchen. Customers can keep their shelves full of spices and food and whatever it is they have in there, so it’s kind of a turnkey solution. I don’t have a physical location, but I can bring samples out.”

What sets your business apart from the competition?

How quickly we can do it with little interruption to their normal life. If it is going to take a couple of days we work with homeowners to be in by 9 at the latest just so we have a better chance of getting done, we could be there earlier. If you know the kids come home at 4:30 we can be out of there for them to have their normal evening meal and things like that. So again, we’re quick turnkey turnaround time, if you will. We offer an affordable price point for most folks. We do also offer financing if there is a significant change in the overall process.”

Do you offer any of the other things that go with kitchen cabinets like pulls?

Yes, a good question. All of our proposals come with what are called soft close door hinges. This is a good feature. A lot of times when you close the door, you can hear clank and bang against the wood. Our hinges are European hinges which means they are hidden and you won’t see the hinges. It automatically closes, you just give it a little tap, it’ll automatically close itself. We do have a selection of door handles and pulls, but we can work with anything that a customer will want if they find it at Home Depot or Lowe’s or even Amazon now is pretty popular. We’ll be glad to work with what they’ve come up with if something is different if we don’t have it.”

Is there any material for cabinets that you cannot work with? Most are particle boards now.

Metal would not be a good option. We still see some old metal cabinets out there or anything with plastic drawers. You know, I still see some of that, some of the older properties and rental units as well. I do want to go back to what else we might offer. We can help customers with a laminate countertop, sinks, faucets, those types of things. We don’t do solid surface or granite or quartz countertops, but I do have a couple of connections, and I have a subcontractor, they can do tile back splashes or whatever backsplash may be desired. We do try to encompass all the services that the kitchen makeover would encompass.”

What is your most popular item or service?

The most popular item is still white and still the shaker styles. Very traditional, very white, white is still a popular color. The most popular service is the true refacing of the kitchen cabinets. White is still the most popular color.”

Closing comments?

We are turnkey, we’re quick. It usually takes about a week after I come out to measure to get the order from the manufacturer. Once we get it, we’re done with it in a couple days and no interruption to your life and affordable financing options.”

How can people get a hold of you?

(636)299-0720 and the website is